• By: Pastor Betsy Dart

  • How great the mercy of God stretches and enfolds and surrounds us in the times of greatest joy and deepest sorrow. Each step in the journey of life, brings a new revelation of God's amazing power and love. My heart is filled with gratitude to each of you who have been part of the family journey in the last weeks. Thanks be to God to those who have generously helped with the rehab projects at our Rochester house where I will retire with my sister Gretchen. With your skill and hard work, we will have all the needed renovations done before fall (instead of our 3 – 5 year plan!). Thanks be to God for those who graciously thought to contribute to supplies and to lunches for the work crew. What a blessings! Thanks be to God for those who are praying and supporting and sharing the changes of life with the passing of my father Milo Haglof. He is indeed blessed to be among the communion of saints praising God and seeing the Savior and home at last with mother as well. So many of you have experienced the loss when both parents are gone and you continue to teach me and point out to me the bountiful mercy of God. Thanks be to God as we begin a new partnership with St. Paul and St. Matthew's congregations and welcome Pastor Liz Rossing to our communities. She is quickly finding herself at home and capably fulfilling the pastoral role among us.

    As we begin a new season of growth at Greenfield, I am eager to see what God will be doing in our midst. Sunday School will bring new adventures for children. Confirmation will continue to lay foundations of faith and tools for life. High School Youth will be planning for the 2015 ELCA Gathering in Detroit. Adults will find familiar roots in Bible Studies and out-reach ministries. We will stretch further in discerning future ministry opportunities and how our building and our pastoral staff will be enhanced to build faith for the future. Exciting times are ahead. As one of my favorite mentors used to say, "The best is yet ahead!" In God's grace, this is most certainly true